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ONTD Games

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Gaming fans, rejoice! LiveJournal's spot for gaming articles and discussions

Welcome to ONTDGames, LiveJournal's community for all things gaming related. We're a laid back bunch, so feel free to post to your heart's content. Before you get started though, we should probably cover a few basic rules and guidelines.

1) Basic Posting Ettiquette

-- Keep your images and user icons safe for work. People check our site in all kinds of places, and nobody wants their grandma to be introduced to Rule 34 via Pikachu/Squirtle.

-- Spare your fellow members' friends pages. If you're posting images that are huge or questionable, put them behind a cut. Here's how.

-- Lively debates and arguments are expected (and even encouraged), but try not to be a jerk about it. You should have grown out of the name-calling phase about the same time that your mom stopped packing your lunch.

-- Please be kind and use the lj-spoiler feature if you're discussing particularly juicy game-plot stuff.

-- Don't disable, freeze, or delete comments.

-- Don't troll. We'll ban you. And we won't even feel bad about it, either.

2) What Kind of Posts are Allowed?

Just about anything, honestly, as long as it's on-topic. Need advice on how to kill Crawmerax? Post and ask. Find an interesting op-ed somewhere? Give it a whirl. Polls, articles, screenshots, your own reviews of games...all of these are great. But please, do NOT post links to your eBay auctions or any other such nonsense.

3) How Should a Post be Formatted?

Posts should follow these basic formatting guidelines:

-- Include a picture or a header of some sort. Try and keep it at or around 600px wide.

-- At the bottom of the article, include a link back to the source page. This is very, very important. The last thing we need is Brian Ashcraft crying because we plagiarized his articles.

-- For the love of God, tag your own posts. If you have a suggestion for a tag, tag the post with 'tag suggestions' and list it somewhere below the source link.

-- Don't hotlink images. Save it and upload it to whatever image hosting site you use, and then link from there. This will save us a community full of broken pictures and spare us from the wrath from editor-in-chiefs everywhere.\

Any inquiries or comments can be e-mailed to ONTDGames@gmail.com, or feel free to message one of the maintainters on LJ. We'll get back to you.

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