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9:50 am - 11/28/2012
I know we didn't have much discussion on Assassin's Creed this month, but let's try to get it all out of way now. How far have you gotten into the game now and what did think/liked/disliked. Please use spoiler tags where it is appropriate.

"How do I use Spoiler tags?"
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kld_kms 29th-Nov-2012 12:57 am (UTC)

already finish game .. have been a fan since the first game

what i like:
the naval battle , it was really fun and interesting .
and the gameplay and control become so much easier

what i dislike:
the story and the character this time are a little disappointing .. and the history lesson are boring.
also really hate the trade thing

there is a lot to say about the game but i think it is one of the game that you must buy and play
___teckie 29th-Nov-2012 06:27 am (UTC)
Not done yet but I'm in sequence 9 or 10. Really love climbing trees. XD And the naval missions. And the homestead and its side missions. I like that you can do more with your recruits though I really miss the arrow storm. Also so glad that they have their own stories and not just faces.

On the other hand really dislike that you have to run around the map just to complete it especially the edges. I'm too lazy to do that! Shallow but I find how Connor run laughable. Like what a friend told me, it looks like Connor and Haytham just got a hip replacement. I miss the chicken wing run in the previous games. XD Hate the assassination missions. It's just go to this spot, kill. Go to next spot, kill. And glitches. Some of the glitches are laughable. People sitting high up in the air. Rooms not rendered correctly. Targets half buried that you just can't kill them. Also, some of the animations irk me. Not the combat one but just the talking. Voices don't match with lip movement or even the character movement. Really wish they polished the game a little bit more.

And lastly, really really really not that fond of Connor. I kinda liked him when he was just a kid but as the story progressed it just felt like he was one of the NPCs. Didn't care for him. He definitely isn't Ezio. But then I've placed Ezio, AC2 and ACB in a really really high pedestal.
vixerunt 29th-Nov-2012 12:29 pm (UTC)
I think I laughed more playing this game than the previous ones (And I'm a huge fan of AC2 and Brotherhood). I found Paul Revere and the interactions between Haytham and Connor to be hysterical.

And without spoiling anything, the painting sequence was very moving, I felt. I actually really enjoyed all of the Homestead missions. It was an interesting touch. I do wish they found a slightly better way for us to use the Stockpile/Craft system. I think I had a popup saying I was like in the top 5% for trade use amongst players, so it was something I fiddled with a lot. I am making quite a bit of money from it, but it can get a little obnoxious having to make everything manually. I wish I could set them up to craft on their own.

Love, love, love the hunting (Though killing the beavers always makes me kind of go "Awww" as they are so slow and pathetic). I finished the hunting challenges fairly easiy because I ran from one corner of the frontier to the other exploring early on in the game. That section with one bear after the other is fantastic (Once you learn how to kill them, of course).

I'm currently stuck towards the end. I keep having to restart a chase mission and I finally put the controller down before I threw it. I'll probably watch someone run through it on YouTube to see what I'm doing wrong. I'm going to pick it back up again this week and finally beat it. I have the Vita and a new Assassin to discover after a great Amazon Black Friday deal and I am ready to get to it!
jacy_arienh 29th-Nov-2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
I'm at about sequence 9 as well, and I'm loving the way that Connor moves compared to previous AC characters. It seems more fluid and easier to control him. I love the running the the tree aspect and the new landscapes. The older games became boring after the first few hours because every city looked the same, the rooftops all flat and easy to run was too easy.

I still haven't gotten the hang of trade and using the homestead yet, but I'm working on it. I think it's a little confusing really.

And the story, I think, is a little more interesting than previously, but I'm not quite sold on Connor's current relationship with Hatham at the point I'm playing.

Has anyone played multiplayer yet? I haven't even looked at it...
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