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Tina Brings Cattastic Magic! Talking Cat Tina Game For All Lovers Of Virtual Pets!

Over the past few years virtual talking friends have become more and more popular. They have won the hearts of not only children, but of all the rest who adore having a virtual friend on their smartphone or tablet. These, usually adorable pets, are the immense source of entertainment, and they have the power to melt anybody's heart. 

The game itself brings a sense of responsibility upon the children and they can easily discover what taking care of a pet would be like. In a way, it can be used as a test method for checking the responsibility of kids and their attitude towards pets. 

Talking Cat Tina game is perfect for everybody who take a great delight in playing with the virtual friend on their screen. It starts by the player adopting a cute and cuddly kitten who he needs to take care of. Feeding the baby cat, putting her to bed and taking her to the bathroom is only one part of the game. Tina is growing up and when she becomes a lovely cat lady her interests change, and she starts exercising, dancing and playing the piano. 

The game itself features many various mini games that allow the players to have even greater fun. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play! 

Google Play: https://goo.gl/mn23Wp

Steam launches broadcasting

Steam has launched it's Twitch competitor today, with the inspiring name of 'Steam broadcasting'. You can access all currently available broadcasts from this link.

The two most popular broadcasts currently appear to be hijacked into playing anime and/or hentai (I didn't hang around long enough to tell). I think that little exploit will get nixed fairly soon.

Go check it out. Watching someone silently pretending to drive a train can be kinda mesmerising.
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Smash Bros is NA's Fastest-Selling Wii U Game!

Nintendo has announced Super Smash Bros. is now the fastest-selling Wii U game ever to release in the US after it managed to sell an impressive 490,000 units in just three days.

That number includes both physical and digital units sold between November 21 and 23, and means that the previous number one, Mario Kart 8, is relegated to second place. This now means the Smash Bros. franchise has sold more than 14 million units in the US alone since it first burst onto the scene back in 1999.

"Thanks to all of you, the highest user-rated Wii U game is now the fastest-selling title in platform history!"

YASSSS, slay Sakurai!  ONTD, post your Nintendo Network ID so we can all add each other and #SettleitinSmash !
If you don't have a Wii U yet, post your 3DS FCs to battle on the handheld!
Also, discuss your fave characters/stages/modes!  Did you buy the bundle?  Do you have any amiibo yet?

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Remembering the good old days: Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast Within

tiathyme inspired me with her funny Sherlock Holmes piece to post this five year old entry...

Yesterday I felt like playing Gabriel Knight 2 again, but of course the game is old and doesn't run on my Win7 64bit version. The only way was to install a virtual machine - but since I'd tried this a couple of times in the past without getting it to work I didn't have much hope.

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The game itself looks o-kay, but the video sequences are dreadful, with thick lines in the picture (it's even worse when you play in full screen mode).

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Damn, now I want to play it again...

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Hateplaying Sherlock Holmes

I'm relatively new to steam and purchasing games online. I was seduced only a few months back by a Humble Bundle of Sherlock Holmes mystery games. Great, I love mystery games and I love reading Holmes! But in my naivety I was unaware that the developer of these games, Frogwares, which was indeed the developer of all the games in the bundle, is one of the worst. ever. game. developers. ever.

But I paid (very little) for these games so I'm bloody well going to play them (is hate-playing a thing? I think it should be a thing...)
So this morning I started Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening.
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Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular freemium MMO games available for smartphones. With over 8.5 million daily players, it is one of the most addictive apps ever made. If you haven’t played this game already or if you’re just getting started, you’ll probably need some help to cope up with the gameplay. I have been playing Clash of Clans on my iPhone for a month now. So this review is purely based on my experience.

I’ve broken down the overall review focusing on a few key factors - Gameplay, Graphics, In-game purchases and Customer Support, while discussing the overall gaming experience. More detailed ratings are available at the end of each segment.

Although I named this segment storyline, there isn’t much story in this game. As the name implies, Clash of Clans is a game where you have to fight battles against other players, join clans and fight clan wars with your clan mates. It’s basically never ending in the multiplayer mode. But there is also a single player mode where you have to fight the ‘Goblins’. There are 150 missions in the single player mode and you can play each mission as many times as you want. However, whether you want to play single player or multiplayer, Clash of Clans require an uninterrupted internet connection.

First of all, the most important factor is gameplay. Clash of Clans is not the first of its kind and I mean to say that there have many Empire building games before and there are many empire building games currently available.

What makes Clash of Clans different from other Empire Building strategy game is that it offers you both Single Player and Multiplayer mode. While most other games are highly focused on multiplayer battles, Clash of Clans allows you to play a single player mode without fighting any multiplayer battles.

Basically, it’s like any other Empire Building game. You have to create buildings like Archer Towers, Cannons, Barracks, Mortars and upgrade them. Upgrades require ‘gold coins’ and ‘elixirs’ both of which are in-game currencies and can be achieved while playing the game, but we’ll discuss this on the next segment.

Attacking is similar both in single player and multiplayer mode. You have to create an army in Barracks and attack your opponent by strategically deploying troops in their base. Your main goal would be to destroy their base and get as much loot as you can. ‘Loot’ is referred to the in-game currencies.

Defense is required in multiplayer mode where other players can attack you if they want, just like you can attack them. However, you don’t have the ability to attack a targeted player. While attacking and getting attacked, opponents are chosen on an algorithmic basis. While you’re being attacked, you cannot access the game, which is usually around 3 minutes for each attack. When defending, you’re defensive buildings like Cannons, Archer Towers, Mortars will try to defend your village. You have no control on this.

Troops that you can train in Barracks are used to attack other players. There is a large variety of troops available starting from barbarians, Archers, Giants to higher level troops like Dragons, P.E.KK.A., Hog Rider, Lava Hound as you level up.

The entire gameplay is very nice. Although the interface is very simple and easy to get used to, the large variety of troops and buildings may confuse you at first. But you’ll get used to the whole thing in a few days.

Gameplay rating - 9/10

The game has some really nice graphics. The rendering is as smooth as it can get. Although you may feel minor differences around different devices, the graphics is pretty good. Some differences that you’ll feel may be due to different screen sizes or display quality. Clash of Clans is a bit difficult to play on smaller screen devices like the iPhone 4 or 4s. In the game, you’ll have to move around building and place troops on different locations, which is difficult on smaller screens. Tablets are ideal devices in my opinion.

Speaking of graphics, as you play through the game, you’ll have to upgrade your troops and buildings. When you upgrade them, they change in color, shape and size. As you play along, you’ll find your buildings improve in looks when you upgrade them.

Graphics rating - 8/10

In-game Currency
Clash of Clans is a freemium game that has 3 in-game currencies. Two of them are ‘Gold’ and ‘Elixir’ which can be earned through in-game tasks and missions. The third currency is gems, which can be bought from the store for money, or you can earn them in-game. The reason why I mentioned gems separately is that gems are very rare. You can do basically anything using gems. If you buy enough gems, you can maximize all your upgrades in 1 day without any efforts. As for in-game availability, gems are very rare in game. Buying is often an ideal option for those trying to get advantage.

As for Gold and Elixir, you can receive those currencies using mines and extractors, or by looting other players in multiplayer battle. Gold and Elixir can be used to upgrade buildings and train troops.

In-game currency rating - 8/10

Customer Support
So far, I have only tried their customer support once. In my opinion, their customer support is very well. You will get response within 24 hours on your issue. I contacted customer support to change my user name, which you cannot do in-game due to some reason. And they allow that only under some special criteria although changing names may result in unexpected crash during gameplay.

Rating - 8/10

To summarize the whole review of Clash of Clans, I would just point out the pros and cons.


1. Addictive gameplay. A lot to do that can be a real time-killer.
2. Easy to use interface and good graphics.
3. Seamlessly play multiplayer battles.

1. Requires internet connection even during single player mode.
2. Gems allow too much advantage to those willing to spend for it.
Overall, it’s a very good game. I would suggest you give it a try if you haven’t already.

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GML Farm WindowsPhone IOS Android Game ,You Play, You Earn!

GML Farm being the first Simulation Game for mobile device in the World which could combine to Cryptocurrency

  GML Farm was the first simulation game of mobile device in the world which could pay for cryptocurrency, also became the first game combine with crypto currency and passed Facebook developer review!

  You could play GML Farm both Android and IOS system ( Winphone version will coming later) ,During the game you could use GML or BTC to purchase some additional items or to accelerate the upgrading of construction etc ,and more importantly , we not only just let people consume in the game , but also will set a reward mechanism for player who complete some achievements .

  There also will be a series of promotional activities around the game ,you could take part in or invite your Facebook’s friends to join the game .Then you will get some GML as bounty ,the more achievements you reach or the more people you invite ,you will get more GML , and you could trade GML into Bitcoin ,further more , Bitcoin could also trade into fiat such as US Dollar .

  That's mean in this game ,you are not only pure consumer ,but also could make a profit from it . Just think about it ,when you play game via tea time or on the way to work by subway ,no longer just for killing time ,but it could bring you profit ,the more your play ,the more you earn .What a beautiful thing .

 "Exchange used to has the most KPI of Cryptocurrency's application, but we think that will be changed in the near future, because more and more applications will come out."

The new type to achieve Cryptocurrency use value

  Many people think that Cryptocurrency is intangible and untouchable ,hence it's far away from our daily life ,and most of  Cryptocurrency still keen on technology competition ,just as how to achieve anonymity . Surely technology is very important ,people know about bitcoin becasue of its technology and innovation .

  But for us ,as a gamers, we pay more attention about how to put the Cryptocurrency combine with the game's market ,to let more people know about it ,and then achieve its use value ,make it could recycle using ,no longer be pure speculation.
GML Farm WindowsPhone IOS Android Game