More U.S. shoppers prefer Sony Corp's upcoming PlayStation 4 than Microsoft Corp's Xbox One, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, as the industry's two leading videogame console makers prepare to do battle this holiday season.

Asked about their interest in dedicated game devices, 26 percent of 1,297 people surveyed online last week say they are likely to purchase the new PlayStation 4 when available, versus 15 percent opting for the Xbox One.

More polling on age groups and specific games behind cutCollapse )


OP: I dunno if this poll can predict anything. The Xbox One's problems aren't common knowledge amongst consumers. I was test driving a car this weekend and the sales guy wanted to chat about buying the XOne. Would be nice to see a company actually pay a price for angering its customers tho.
Poll #1907990 What do you want out of your overseas games?
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Localization Audio

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English Audio
16 (34.8%)
Japanese Audio
10 (21.7%)
0 (0.0%)
17 (37.0%)
Don't particularly care about Audio Language
3 (6.5%)
Poll #1890196 Game of the Month
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January Game of the Month

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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
24 (54.5%)
DmC: Devil May Cry
15 (34.1%)
Anarchy Reigns
5 (11.4%)
Strike Suit Zero
0 (0.0%)
I know we didn't have much discussion on Assassin's Creed this month, but let's try to get it all out of way now. How far have you gotten into the game now and what did think/liked/disliked. Please use spoiler tags where it is appropriate.

"How do I use Spoiler tags?"

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9:37 am - 11/28/2012
Poll #1881738 December Game of the Month
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What game do you want to see as Game of the Month?

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Far Cry 3
10 (18.9%)
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2/Power of Illusion
9 (17.0%)
Playstation All Stars Battle Royal
11 (20.8%)
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why did you steal our Garbage?!
14 (26.4%)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
9 (17.0%)

Game of the Month poll

11:21 pm - 10/29/2012
Poll #1875555 Game of the Month (Nov)
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Looking forward to/Buying/Want to Discuss:

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Assassin's Creed 3/Liberation
33 (56.9%)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
3 (5.2%)
Zone of the Enders (Series)
4 (6.9%)
Halo 4
13 (22.4%)
Nintendo Land
1 (1.7%)
Hitman: Absolution
2 (3.4%)
2 (3.4%)

Previous discussions:
Genre suggestions-
Action/Adventure suggestions -

I'm sick of terrible lists so I'm making my own with blackjack and hookers. You're all invited to chime in, in fact that's about the only way I'll actually get anything done.

Since everybody seems to like a good tale of awesome and plot, I'm ready for your suggestions right after I toss this tomato at tv tropes.
Best Story?
Poll #1869994
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Game of the Month Poll (fixed this time)

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (PC)
11 (15.9%)
Final Fantasy XI (PC)
3 (4.3%)
Resident Evil 6 (PC/PS3/X360)
20 (29.0%)
Pokemon Black/White 2 (DS)
13 (18.8%)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/X360)
3 (4.3%)
Dishonored (PC/PS3/X360)
10 (14.5%)
Torchlight 2 (PC)
8 (11.6%)
Mark of the Ninja (PC/X360)
1 (1.4%)

The Best! (Roll Call)

10:30 pm - 09/27/2012

For our previous discussion on Action/Adventure Titles for our Best, go to
By the By, you can still chime in I'm not setting in stone anything til Novemeber-ish.

What is all this? Well I'm sick of terrible lists of top whatever by IGN/Kotaku/Gamefaqs, so I'm making my own. Well I was until I was like "I already know my top 10!" so we're making this a community thang, Gs! My immediate goal is to have The Best completed before the end of the year, however that may change based of feedback.

"So how is this all going to work?" Well I was originally going to just have the top 10 of the whatever, however I think the top should be from a variety of catagories so it isn't just Super Mario Bros. Zelda, and Final Fantasy VII. In essense you should tell me the game you most want on this best list as if it was the only game you would ever play! However that one game isn't the only game around. So we'll pulling in everything we can and ciphering out all the stuff everybody would love, recommend and acknowledge as Awesome and then pit The BEST Game in that catagory against other catagories to see how good it really stands out. SILENT HILL'S ATMOSPHERE IS BETTER THAN STUDYING TETRIMINO PATTERNS (or similar statements!) THAT'S WHAT I WANNA KNOW! WE'RE GONNA PROVE ONE OR THE OTHER!

I talked about the catagories last week kinda/sorta vaguely as I had an idea. However I think this would be more fun for everybody to create the catagories, so this week let's do this in full. What do you guys want to catagorize? What's your seperator?
We have Action/Adventure already I wanna keep that, because I think it's a good staple of video games titles. What else do you think we should have in catagories?

The Best!

3:01 pm - 09/20/2012
The Best
I'm sick of terrible lists!
I'm gonna make my own list with Video Games and Anime Babes or Dudes!

It's gonna be The Top 10 Best From Pong to NOW!
From Casual to Hardcore, from Action to Puzzle, and FPS or RPGs.
You're all gonna help me make because I haven't played every game!
It's going to be over the course of the next 10 weeks sorting through a bunch of different genres, selections and other general stuff and then 4-5 weeks after voting on it!
That's a lot of time but that's also a lot of video games!
Don't think about what everybody else thinks is suppose to be, just what you think. If you think Bejeweled is better than Tetris, then I'll go with that. If you think Uncharted 2 is better than Castlevania 3, then who am I to say that's wrong.

We're going to make it, and It's going to be AWESOME!
First thing we need to sort through is genre's because we don't play certain games for the same reason, however many games do overlap. When we get down from the genre's then we'll tackle them against each other!

Maybe seperate stuff by Story and Experience, Gameplay, Sound and Audio, Character and growth, Multiplayer component, Visualization.

Let's start with Action-Adventures: What single game do you guys think deserve to be in the BEST!
Which gave you the best experience of Awe and magnificence?
Try and Stick to one game if you can to numb noise.

Comment on What subject should we bring up next week and create a list from as well.
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