Saints Row 4 is giving away the GAT V Pack today for free on Steam. The pack, with a name similar to that other game (coincidence!?), includes Johnny Gat fashions and official Aisha costume. It also contains the Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun and knifethrower.

The GAT V Pack and the Wild West Pack for SR4 will be available today on Steam and consoles in the States, and tomorrow for consoles internationally. The packs are priced at $2.99 apiece regularly, so get your free GAT on PC today.

OP: If you haven't picked up SR4 yet but plan to, it looks like you can still snag this now. My copy is in the mail atm, but clicking the 'Install Game Now' button gave me confirmation "Success! Saints Row IV - GAT V Pack is now registered to your account on Steam."
Retail Release
The Walking Dead (PS3/X360)
007 Legends (Wii U)
Jeopardy!: America's Favorite Quiz Show (Wii U)
Wheel of Fortune: Big Money (Wii U)

Mensa (800 MS)
Black Knight Sword (800 MS)
Games on Demand
NHL 13
Fatal Inertia
Madagascar 3: The Video Game
Assassin’s Creed III : The Hidden Secrets Pack (400 MS)
Pinball FX 2 – Zen Classic Pack (800 MS)
Guardians of the Middle Earth: Bilbo Baggins (160 MS)
Guardians of the Middle Earth: Bert the Troll Packs (160 MS)
Tropic 4 and DLC (Various)
THQ Publisher Sales (Various)

PS3 Full Games:
Ben 10 Omniverse ($39.99)
PSN Games:
Big Sky Infinity ($9.99) – Cross Buy with PS Vita
Black Knight Sword ($9.99) (Demo available)
Judge Dee: The City God Case ($7.99)
Mix Superstar ($9.99) (Demo available)
PS Vita:
Big Sky Infinity ($9.99) – Cross Buy with PS3
PS2 Classics:
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ($14.99)

Nintendo Download
Wii U eShop
Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Demo Version
Rayman® Legends – Demo Version
3DS eShop
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King why'd you steal our garbage?!!
Ninja Gaiden
Meat or Die: Linda
Chuck E. Cheese's Alien Defense Force (DSiWare available)
Rytmik: World Music Edition (DSiWare available)
Zombie Skape (DSiWare available)
Wii Virtual Console

New Release/Now Available
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends
RPG Maker VX Ace
A New Beginning - Final Cut
Ace of Spades
Party of Sin
Waking Mars
Far Cry 3 (PC/X360/PS3)
Family Party: 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade (Wii U)
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (Wii U)
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 (Wii U)
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Wii U)

Guardians of Middle Earth (1200 MS)
Skyrim: Dragonborn (1600 MS)
Deadliest Warrior and various DLC
Ubisoft Publisher Sale
Other information:

PS3 Full Games:
Far Cry 3 ($59.99)
Mass Effect Trilogy ($59.99)
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 ($59.99)
Mass Effect ($14.99)
Shaun White Snowboarding ($19.99)
Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition ($29.99)
PSN Games:
Guardians of Middle Earth ($14.99)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus ($14.99) BOUT TIME!
Page Chronica ($10.99)
Rotastic ($9.99)
PS Vita:
UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune Card Game ($4.99)
DJMax Technika Tune ($44.99)
PS2 Classics:
Chulip ($9.99)
PSOne Classics (PS3 Only)
Art Camion Sugorokuden ($5.99)
Finger Flashing ($5.99)
Lup Salad ($5.99)
Makeruna Makendo 2 ($5.99)
Vehicle Cavalier ($5.99)
Zanac X Zanac ($5.99)
Max Payne 3 - Painful Memories ($9.99) Maps
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Slingshot Content Pack ($6.99)
Full Details and other information:

Nintendo Download
Wii U eShop
FIFA Soccer 13 – demo version (FREE)
Ben 10 Omniverse ($39.99)
Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade ($29.99)
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth ($49.99)
Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game ($39.99)
3DS eShop
Scribblenauts Unlimited ($39.99)
LEGO Lord of the Rings ($39.99)
Fractured Soul – demo version (FREE)
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning ($39.99)
Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition ($29.99)
Murder on the Titanic ($7.99)
Mighty Bomb Jack ($4.99)
Christmas Wonderland 2 ($7.99/800 Points) (DSiWare Available)
Crystal Adventure ($1.99/200 Points) (DSiWare Available)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Platform Panic Pack ($2.50)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Coin Challenge Pack C ($2.50)
Wii Virtual Console
BurgerTime (500 Points)
Turns out it was somewhere... else than I expected

New Release/Now Available
Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition
Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition
The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles
Triple Town
Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
Dead Pixels
Arctic Combat (Free to Play)
Mabinogi (Free to Play)
DLC [Note: Changing this again to posting only significant DLC in terms of game content and extension.
Not posting anymore costume or RPG stat or equipment DLC in any sector as I see those as largely irrelevant to general game play and takes up too much space alongside everything else. This also means I'm not putting any more Rock Band or Music tracks up each week and will look closely at each game update from now on for everybody viewing these weekly updates.]
Sales/Price Drop [Note: Unless otherwise limited I will look at each online offering and post up sales that are significant in price reduction, or are what is otherwise known as "Must Buy Games." This goes more for Steam and PSN than XBL and eShop as those tend to not have as much discounts.]

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PS3)
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (PC)

Virtua Fighter 2 (400 MS)
Sonic the Fighters (400 MS)
Fighting Vipers (400 MS)
Red Bull Crashed Ice (400 MS)
Mass Effect 3: Omega (1200 MS)
GTA IV (Varies by region)
GTA IV Lost and Damned (400 MS)
GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony (800 MS)
Kinect Central: Burnout Crash (400 MS)
Other information and next weeks releases:

PS3 Full Games:
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault ($19.99)
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon ($19.99)
Men in Black Alien Crisis ($39.99)
PSN Games:
Fighting Vipers ($4.99)
Sonic The Fighters ($4.99)
Virtua Fighter 2 ($4.99)
PS Vita:
Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension ($19.99)
Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension ($19.99)
Mass Effect 3: Omega ($14.99)
Battlefield 3: Aftermath (Free, available for Premium members only)
Price drop:
Uncharted: Golden Abyss – PS Vita (now: $35.99 original price: $44.99)
WipEout 2048 – PS Vita (now: $17.99 original price: $26.99)
Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time – PSP Game (now: $14.99 original price: $29.99)
Sideway – PS3 Game (now: $4.99 original price: $9.99)
Full Details and other information:

Nintendo Download
3DS eShop
Invasion of the Alien Blobs! (DSiWare Available)
Bloons TD 4 (DSiWare Available)
More details:

New Release/Now Available
Super Hexagon
District 187: Sin Streets (Free to Play)
LEGO The Lord of the Rings
Miner Wars 2081
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Tomb Raider series (1-5)
GT Legends
Naval War Arctic Circle: Operation Tarnhelm
Revenge of the Titans: Sandbox Mode
Unreal Tournament 3 Black ($6.79)
Unreal Pack ($13.59, includes Unreal Tournament 3 Black)
Endless Space ($14.99-$17.49)

Releases update

7:09 pm - 10/10/2012
There are a ton of releases coming out and have been coming out and I have a hell of a hard time getting to them all, mostly because my internet is flakey at best and my most constant network is my iPHAIL. Don't expect me to do great hyper-linking html wonder on my phone either. Rather than trying to do them retroactively, if I'm not able to get to it I'll just link to a few pages and highlight the good ones on launch days to try and keep up.

That said we had these wonders come out this week
Retro City Rampage
AND FUCK YEAH- XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Out on XBLA
Out on PSN

What's happening?

This Week in Releases

12:06 pm - 10/03/2012
I'll hyperlink these later tonight.
Retail Release
NBA 2K13 (PC/PS3/X360/Wii/PSP)
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (X360)
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants (PC/PS3/X360)
Resident Evil 6 (PC/PS3/X360)

NIGHTS into Dreams (800 MS)
Sonic Adventure 2 (800 MS)
Games on Demand
Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (600 MS)
Dungeon Fighter LIVE (400 MS)
Street Fighter 3 Online Edition (600 MS)
Super Street Fighter 2 THD (600 MS)
Activision Publisher Sale (Varies)
Family DOTW: Secret of Monkey Island SE (400 MS)
Kinect Central: Fighters Uncaged 25% off

PS3 Full Games
NBA 2K13 ($59.99)
Resident Evil 6 ($59.99)
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 ($19.99)
PSN Games
Sonic Adventure 2 ($9.99)
NiGHTS Into Dreams ($9.99)
PS Vita
New Little King’s Story ($39.99)
PS2 Classics
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition ($9.99)
Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy ($9.99)
Neon Alley ($0) Some anime/kung fu watching
Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3)
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PSV)
Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PSV)
PS Vita:
Escape Plan Director’s Cut ($4.99)
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita The Pirates! Costume Pack ($2.99)
Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (Crystal Packs) (Various)
Dead or Alive 5 Costume Pack 1 ($0)
LittleBigPlanet 2 The Pirates! Costume Pack ($2.99)
NBA 2K13 (Various)
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mode ($2.99)
Street Fighter X Tekken (Various)
Spelunker HD (Various)
Music Game DLC
Down ($1.99) – 311
Amber ($1.99) – 311
Beautiful Disaster ($1.99) – 311
311 Pack 1 ($5.49) – Includes “Amber,” “Beautiful Disaster,” and “Down.”
Adonaï ($1.99) – ETHS
Move Your Body ($1.99) – Eiffel 65
That’ll Be the Day ($1.99) – Jerry Naylor
The Restless Mind ($0.99) – Francisco Meza
This Round’s On Me ($1.99) – Blackguard
Bright Lights ($2.99) – Gary Clark Jr.
Caring is Creepy ($2.99) – The Shins
Paris (Ooh La La) ($2.99) – Grace Potter and The Nocturnals
Foosball 2012 – PSN Game (now: $5.99 original price: $7.99)
Foosball 2012 – PS Vita Game (now: $5.99 original price: $7.99)
Hyberballoid HD – PSN Game (now: $2.99 original price: $4.99)
Susume Tactics! – PSP Game (now: $2.49 original price: $4.99)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World – PS Plus Price: $1.00
Spelunker HD – PS Plus Price: $5.00
Spelunker HD DLC (Various)
NFL Blitz - PS Plus Price: $0

This Week in Releases

11:51 pm - 09/24/2012
Retail Release
Dead or Alive 5 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
FIFA Soccer 13 (Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, iOS)
Angry Birds Trilogy (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS)
Wipeout 3 (Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360)
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (Microsoft Windows, OS X)

Hell Yeah! (1200 MS)
Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (1200 MS)
Games on Demand
Big League Sports
Amazing Spider-Man
Battledfield 3: Armored Kill
Pinball FX 2 (Various DLC)
Xmen Arcade (400 MS)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (600 MS)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Various DLC)
Fable Heroes (400 MS)
Kinect Central: Kinect Star Wars Snow Rancor (80 MS)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Various DLC)
Check this site for more information on other stuff

Most likely tomorrow...

Download Everything

10:32 pm - 09/21/2012

This Week in Releases

10:24 pm - 09/18/2012
Borderlands 2 (X360/PS3/PC)
F1 2012 (X360/PS3/PC)
Kirby's Dream Collection (Wii)

Gonna x-link these in a bit give me some time
Jet Set Radio (800 MS)
Realms of Ancient War (1200 MS)
Fire Pro Wrestling (800 MS)
Borderlands 2 Season Pass (2400 MS)
Full House Poker: Texas Heat Fall 2012 DLC (0 MS)
Magic 2013: Expansion Pack (400 MS)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC (Various)
Fable Heroes (400 MS)
Kinect Central: Dragon’s Lair (400 MS)
Games on Demand
Cars Race-O-Rama
FIFA Street
Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

Check this site for more information on other stuff

PS3 Full Games:
Borderlands 2 ($59.99)
F1 2012 ($59.99)
SSX ($39.99)
PSN Games
Zuma’s Revenge ($9.99)
Jet Set Radio ($9.99)
PS Minis
Feisty Feet ($2.99)
PS2 Classics
Harvest Moon: It’s a Wonderful Life Special Edition ($9.99)
River King ($9.99)
Game Demos
Zuma’s Revenge
Resident Evil 6
Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill ($14.99)
Borderlands 2: Season Pass ($29.99)
DC Universe Online: The Hand of Fate ($9.99)
Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 4: Sky City ($3.99)
F1 2012: VIP Pass ($9.99)
MAGIC: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013: MAGIC 2013 Expansion ($4.99)
Way of the Samurai 4: A FUCKING LOT! (Too much)
Music Game DLC
Rock Band 3:
A Pure Evil ($1.99) – All Shall Perish
By the Grace of the Grill ($1.99) – Graveyard BBQ
Can’t Get Enough of You Baby ($1.99) – Smash Mouth
Days Go By ($1.99) – The Offspring
End of My Rope ($1.99) – Spinning Chain
Pain I Feel ($1.99) – Spinning Chain
This is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For ($0.99) – brentalfloss
Why Can’t We Be Friends ($1.99) – Smash Mouth
Is This Love ($2.99) – Whitesnake
The Final Countdown ($2.99) – Europe
We’re Not Gonna Take It ($2.99) – Twisted Sister
Queen Song Pack 2 ($6.99) – Includes We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust, Who Wants to Live Forever, I Want It All and We Are the Champions.
Queen Song Pack 3 ($6.99) – Includes Tie Your Mother Down, I’m in Love with My Car, Fat Bottomed Girls, Somebody to Love, You’re My Best Friend.
Queen Song Pack 4 ($6.99) – Includes Save Me, Play the Game, I Want to Break Free, Hammer to Fall, It’s a Hard Life.
Queen Song Pack 5 ($6.99) – Includes These Are the Days of Our Lives, Innuendo, Headlong, Princes of the Universe, Under Pressure feat. David Bowie.
Hustle Kings: Ball and Cue Pack ($1.99), Carom and UK Billiards Pack ($1.99)

Check this site for more information on other stuff
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