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11 July 24 2014, 11:25

Pregnancy is life or death, and sometimes both.

Pregnancy is life or death, and sometimes both. The brutality and beauty of the way we all come into the world — every last human being — is something truly fragile and beautiful. And mysterious. For all the science we throw at it, with all the control we like to believe we have over our lives, this is the one thing that can’t quite be nailed down. It’s a roll of the dice, every time, even for the healthiest and luckiest of us. — Tara Moss

sfeol51 July 24 2014, 08:26

Мои твиты

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sparowe July 24 2014, 08:26

UpWords - Max Lucado: [From] 23 July 2014

 Today's MP3

When your hope comes from within you, your life is good as long as you are good.  Your faith is strong as long as you are strong. But therein lies the problem. The Bible says, no one is good. Nor is anyone always strong; nor always secure. We need help from the inside out.

Jesus promised this kind of help in John 14:16-17 when he said, “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper to be with you forever, the Spirit of truth. . .you know Him because He lives with you and will be in you.”

Not near us. Not above us. Not around us. But in us. In the part of us we don’t even know. In the heart no one else has seen. In the hidden recesses of our being dwells, not an angel, not a philosophy, not a genie, but Spirit of God. Imagine that!

From When God Whispers Your Name

- - -

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doggiedynasty July 24 2014, 00:02

The Dumpster + PSYCHO PASS

Some people are just disgusting, and I'm quoting: "Having autistic kids that don't eat what we give them" Something along those lines. This lady had an ugly tone when she said it because she was mad at a fast food store. Reminds me of the crap I see on Twitter, like "remember when wheelchairs were not for fat people?" or something like that?

And it also just reminded me: courtesy is good after all. I don't think its regrettable to practice good mannerisms, whether you're told to do so or not (such as a part of your job). There are just some things not worth getting upset about. But one of the reasons why I gave up on online RPing was the attitudes of people in charge.

Also, I watched police drama PSYCHO-PASS Season 1 first episode. I've been spoiled on it a little, but it looks cool. It is different when watching thoroughly. Also, it has an unsettling theme that made me think of myself.

Basically, in this show, if you take too much drugs or maybe drink too much, or have any hint of a troublesome mental illness, you have a death wish. Because members of the Crime Investigation will deem you as a "potential criminal" and will wipe you out. I say "think of myself" because sometimes I think we're better off without a select amount of people when there's no learning from the past. Say like compulsive lying? So if you're an obsessive compulsive lying? Or maybe a psychopath? You have to go to therapy or a ward?

Nasty, but it's true. Urobochi Gen obviously thought of it while writing this show. He's a really...dark guy. And there are definitely a couple people I won't miss.

And to make it worse, they get killed so brutally on the show [PSYCHO PASS]. Not sure how the fate of the hostage will turn out, if they tell me that is.

Rid of criminals? Because of latent mental level.

What about the people who I quoted up there? No, I'm not suggesting that they should die.

When you get older, they suggest confining you to a home or some kind of atmosphere that is not like you know of. That's saying you can't care for yourself any more and you're deteriorating.
jimcolyer July 23 2014, 23:34

TASTES SO GOOD - Jim Colyer song

You're taking me to places
I never been before
You got me crawlin'
Down on the floor

Tastes So Good
It tastes so yummy
I got your sugar
Down in my tummy
Tastes So Good
Sweeter than candy
I got the lovin'
You got the honey

Never thought I'd do this
It's never been my style
Now you're the teacher
Teach me tonight

Tastes So Good
It tastes so yummy
I got your sugar
Down in my tummy
Tastes So Good
Sweeter than candy
I got the lovin'
You got the honey

I'll do anything you say
I'll do everything your way

Tastes So Good
It tastes so yummy
I got your sugar
Down in my tummy
Tastes So Good
Sweeter than candy
I got the lovin'
You got the honey

doggiedynasty July 23 2014, 23:05


ONTD:Nicki Minaj on Iggy Azalea's success: "Racism is alive & well"

Those comments. As far as I'm concerned.

You can rap about the stupidest shit and still get paid. More importantly, get the RECOGNITION from doing this crap. That is especially for Minaj. The idiot creating a song called "Stupid Hoe".

How do you sit down for hours, contemplating lyrics about someone's dick, your hoes, a bad bar night, or partying in and out wasted? Still a wonder why rap is mostly restricted to this junk-like expression? Mostly. Gotta give them credit -- rappers aren't lazy. Would stay up for hours and hours doing albums.

If the Beasties Boys gave "white rap" a stool to stand on, then it's fine for anyone to aspire in rap.

Do you know what's a highly recognized song? And was high-rank in dance chart "#Selfie". It's not rap, I'm making a comparison. It's stupid and little material.

Racism still exist of course.


emeraldus July 23 2014, 19:03

No subject

Finally got Destiny beta downloaded and have been playing on it. It's a little bit prettier than the alpha version and they've added in cut scenes to expand on the story line. The missions get a little more fleshing out and there's still that damn four legged robot thing which takes forever to destroy. With two strangers and a lot of dying, finally managed to take it down then followed the other two for a continuation of the mission. Even if you're not in a group, it will run the mission like you are in a group, so everyone present gets the accomplishment when mission is done.

Welp, the beta lasted a weekend, level cap is at 8. Thought the alpha level cap was higher than that but honestly don't remember. It had more story, at least, and I think I'll keep the pre-order up on Amazon, mainly because I can charge it to the Amazon card and pay it off in chunks. The beta is of course lasting longer than a weekend but I've maxed out the cap and only other thing to do is PVP which every fucking game does, so it's nothing special at all. I'm more into co-op missions than counting player kills.

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Gamestop is offering a damn sweet deal for The Last of Us PS4: turn in your PS3 copy and get a $25 credit, making the remastered version $25. I, lacking reading comprehension, went in today to check it out and found out it doesn't start til the 27th. The manager took a cursory look at the disc and was ready to do the exchange so...I can switch my faulty game for a brand new game. Most likely it only needs to be properly cleaned to work. And I can get a new version with DLCs and pretty graphics, plus Naughty Dog is claiming it will release more DLC. Probably maps, big deal. I'd rather have a co-op mode or even insert Clickers into a mode to make it more interesting. 
thewritingwolf July 23 2014, 11:38

No subject

Got my last "official" editing paycheck via paypal this morning, now I can focus on my own work.  A bit of a relief as it was becoming more of an unpleasant chore than the fun 'I can't believe I am getting paid to do this' exercise that it started out as.

I had all these ideas floating around that I had to push aside and now that I am sitting here with a blank word processing page in front of me, I got zip.  Zip, zero, zilch... I'll grab one of those prompt bingo cards and see what starts flowing.

In other news, I hope the lawnmower is delivered today.  We have a riding lawnmower that was kept up at my grandmother's.  We couldn't get it started, so we took it to a local repair shop.  Now, it has a new battery, spark plug, and some other various tune-ups.  They were supposed to drop it off last night, but they did not.  Our lawn looks like a hay field.

I leave you with this gem, from George Takei's FB:

11 July 23 2014, 11:23

Erin Gloria Ryan - Why Women Aren’t People (But Corporations Are)

Erin Gloria Ryan - Why Women Aren’t People (But Corporations Are):
For years, it seems that the men who run things in this country have been dancing around the implication that women aren’t people, at least when put up against other, more important things like men, corporations, zygotes, and male feelings. But now, finally, in the year 2014, two generations removed from the first Supreme Court case that established that states can’t make it illegal to purchase contraception, five dudes on the highest court in the land have put this in writing. It’s not that women don’t matter, it’s that they matter measurably less than a corporation’s "conscience."

sfeol51 July 23 2014, 08:45

Мои твиты

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sparowe July 23 2014, 08:21

UpWords - Max Lucado: [From]: 22 July 2014

 Today's MP3

There is a correlation between the way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about others. If you are at peace with yourself—you’ll get along with others. The converse is also true. If you are ashamed, embarrassed, or angry, other people are going to know it. The tragic thing is we tend to take it out on those we love unless the cycle is interrupted.

Which takes us to the question, “How does a person get relief?” Which takes us to one of the kindest verses in the Bible.  In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”

Be honest with Him. Admit you have soul secrets you’ve never dealt with. He’s just waiting for you to ask Him for help. You’ll be glad you did. Those near to you will be glad as well.

From When God Whispers Your Name

- - -

This entry was originally posted at http://sparowe.dreamwidth.org/1868584.html. Please feel free to comment at either site! :)
plumxxjam July 23 2014, 00:56

"i'm plum and this is my jam!"

skeleton of a new project in the works. gonna be a blog strictly about music. some of the stuff will cross-post here, but only occasionally and not in full. it started off as something to complete a challenge for some programs i'm participating in at work and became this whole idea of blogging about music. i've tried this before here on livejournal but it didn't pan out, so i'm hoping i have better luck this time. also, because of blogger i'm now on google+ (again; i gave it up a couple of years ago because of creeps). circle me if you so desire and let me know who you are; i'll circle you back hahahaha.

long work day is long.

http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/ http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/ http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/ http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/ http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/ http://plumxxjam.blogspot.com/

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