Game of the Month: Mass Effect 3 Discussion #2 - SPOILARZ!

6:14 pm - 03/15/2012
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You've had some time with Mass Effect 3, now- and maybe you've beaten it.

If so, and you wanna talk about THE ENDINGS, this is the place to do so!


Aaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

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voyevoda 16th-Mar-2012 01:23 am (UTC)
The end felt like Bioware punched me in the stomach and laughed. IDK. So much was good before it, and to end on *that* note is just...awful.

Here, have my rant.

Gonna go brood some more. :(
suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 05:07 am (UTC)
Yeah, you pretty much summed it up. :/

I don't HATE the concept of Synthesis, it's worth mentioning. I've seen that pulled off in some great Sci-Fi stories. BUT, this was executed (both narratively and technically) soooo poorly that I'm just left feeling kinda empty over it. :/

I'm clinging to Indoctrination Theory, frankly. Even despite the notes released today >_<

(also, would you be terribly offended if I friended you? that was a great read)
voyevoda 16th-Mar-2012 06:22 am (UTC)
I might have been okay with synthesis if it didn't mean the Reapers still won. They had no remorse and no redeeming history, why on earth would I want to preserve them in any form? And who am I to force half-machine lives on a still-screwed and stranded galaxy? That's why I ultimately ran full tilt for destroy. Also, I think, because me and Shep were just tired of the b.s and wanted the Reapers gone. Bah.

I have a lot of feels. Maybe in a week or so I'll be over the shitty ending enough to articulate a post about what I loved. And hopefully Bioware starts its damage control soon, beyond mocking people or being flippant and faux positive about the reaction.

(Offended not at all! :D I shall add you back as soon as I'm off my phone as it hates LJ.)
latin_lunatic 16th-Mar-2012 01:33 am (UTC)
Fuck those endings. I was planning to pick synthesis but I was annoyed with the catalyst and the lack of information I just went screw this and destroyed them all.
myrasis 16th-Mar-2012 01:57 am (UTC)
I am so so so so glad I didn't buy the game. I loved it up til the ending, and now I just don't know if I even want to try with my other Shepards. Plus the BS EA/Bioware has been saying lately and some of the stuff Bioware employees have tweeted... nope I'm done with 'em.
suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 08:15 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm really disappointed in the way they've been 'communicating' with their fans....
odyle 16th-Mar-2012 02:35 am (UTC)
After promoting choice for years and years, the end takes all that choice from me except for what color to have my explosion be. Those endings were terrible. I think I know what they were thinking, but I don't know how there was no dissent. This game has no replay value. I find myself so disheartened that I can't find the energy to even replay it as Renegade and try out a different romance.

What has pissed me off even more is Bioware's handling of it. Even if they "fixed" the ending and released it as DLC, I doubt I'd ever buy another Bioware game again, at least not first hand.

suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 08:17 am (UTC)
I'm in a similar spot. I thought I'd be running my other Sheps through ME3 once I finished it, but until everything gets sorted (or very specifically doesn't) I'm replaying ME1 and 2.
duskyn 16th-Mar-2012 03:11 am (UTC)
The game was amazing. Never before has a game made me cry, but there were three moments that did in ME3; Thane dying, saying goodbye to Garrus, and the end scene where Joker, Anderson, and Kaidan (or w/e LI you have) nod at you.

There were so many amazing moments. Tuchanka stands out as the best, both for scenery as well as just overall "OMG THAT IS SO COOL" factor when fighting that reaper. The Mordin death scene was so well done, what a touching end to a great character.

The character interaction was awesome too. I liked seeing the squaremates interacting with each other, made it feel more like a crew.

Then, the endings happen. And just, ugh. It helped that me and a friend of mine where playing it at the same time and he beat it slightly ahead of me, so I had that warning, but even that didn't prepare me for how awful they were. I get what Bioware was trying to do, just ugh.

I didn't think any ending could ruin an entire series for me, but it did for a few days. I couldn't stomach playing through ME3 again, let alone ME or ME2. I've gotten over that, but how can you do so much right throughout a whole game and then fail that bad at the end? How can you build a game on overcoming whatever odds are thrown at you and choice, and just toss that aside in the end? I'm not upset at the lack of a happy ending as I'm upset at that fact that nothing that I did in any of the games mattered in the end. No matter what choices you make, you end up with the same three choices in the end. I couldn't even pick anything that wasn't Destroy.

Okay, ranted enough here, ha. My initial reactions after beating the game are here.

Bioware is taking a beating for this. I'm interested in seeing how they'll handle it, if they do at all.

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kyuusei 16th-Mar-2012 04:01 am (UTC)
Oh that ending hurts my soul. ME3 was such a great game, that I don't know how the hell it went all sideways as soon as you reached the Citadel.

BioWare's handling of it all is even more baffling. It's actually starting to bother me more than the endings themselves...
suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 08:18 am (UTC)
I agree on both points. I was seriously thinking it might have been my new Favorite Game until that last 10 minutes or so... And then the more BW responds (or Doesn't) to the fans, the worse I feel about the game overall... :/
fresh_or_sea 16th-Mar-2012 06:59 am (UTC)
Definitely clinging to the indoctrination theory... kind of. Because I think it makes the ending better, but a lot more depressing. It makes a lot of the things that didn't make any sense in the last segment make sense, although the one piece of solid proof I've seen against the theory is that the Prothean VI would have said something since it freaked out when Kai Leng was near due to his indoctrination.
suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
My only thought regarding the Prothean VI is that the only time you're near it and Kai Leng isn't is after it's been cracked, right?

Though even still, I don't know how the Prothean VI's indoctrination identification works well enough to say one way or another. :/ (it would be easier for me to swallow THAT as a plot hole over the plot hole of having crew members that were with me on Earth ALSO be coming out of the Normandy somewhere lost in space, tbh)
snorlaxation 16th-Mar-2012 11:27 am (UTC)
I'm probably going to get hated for this but...

I loved the endings.

I feel like Mass Effect was never supposed to be a game that ended up with the entire crew frollicing onto their next big adventure (GARRUS WANTS TO DRINK WITH YOU AT A BAR T_T) but about difficult choices that you have to make.

I loved how in the end, even though Shepherd tried SO HARD to unite everyone, it doesn't change anything. I liked feeling like the entire galaxy is larger than all my meddling I did with my somewhat self-righteous ideologies.

The whole game, to me, was about exploring different viewpoints. I feel like Bioware did that amazingly.

It was an amazing ending. It made me sad at the right places, and I laughed at certain parts but mostly it made me think.

I'm looking forward to playing it again.
suedeheadspike 16th-Mar-2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
No hate. :) In fact, I liked my ending (synthesis) based on itself. I just felt like the execution was... lacking. So I'm hoping Indoctrination is the answer, over just... sloppiness.

I'd be upset with a straight up 'sunshine and puppies' ending, personally- but for me, if you're going to have a downer ending, I need a little more context than what we got. :)
lovedforaday 16th-Mar-2012 10:29 pm (UTC)
The part about the ending that bothers me the most is when did the crew hop on the Normandy? How did the squad members that were with Shep get on the ship? Why did they decide to leave when Shepard was god knows where? Did they they leave before Shepard made her choice or after? I mean, what was the point of Garrus telling Shep he wanted to retire to the beach with her, Kaidan telling Shep he couldn't stand losing her again, or any of the goodbyes if they were just going to up and leave during the final battle?
dorwrath 18th-Mar-2012 02:18 pm (UTC)
I didn't have issue with the ending to be honest. I wish they had thrown a battle in there sort of like what they did with Sarran.

What I have issue with is that my decisions I made throughME1 & ME2 meant nothing. If I chose Anderson to the council, Udina gets it anyway, if i killed the Rachni Queen the reapers just recreate them, If I destroyed the Reaper Base the Illusive man gets the tech regardless.

I enjoy MP, but it shouldn't have been put in the game. The time should have been spent on making the game more of an individual experience based on your decisions in the previous games.
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