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8:17 am - 11/13/2012

Recently, Extra Credits discussed why there aren't more game demos available as there used to be and why "play before you buy" isn't always beneficial to game developers when it comes in the form of a demo. As always, I found the episode entertaining and informative, but some of the points made me a little curious as to whether or not they actually spell impending doom for all game demos.

How does everyone here feel about game demos? What are the differences to you between game demos on previous generation consoles and current generation consoles? (I still fondly remember looking forward to booting up the disc that came with every issue of Australian PlayStation Magazine.) Are there games you'd buy or have bought just because they came with a demo for a game you're looking forward to? Are there games you've bought that weren't even in your field of vision until you played the demo?

The three main demos I've played since buying my PS3 at New Year are Batman Arhkam City, Journey, and Resident Evil 6. Of those games I was turned off Batman, scooped up Journey instantly, and am still undecided on whether or not the gameplay of RE6 is for me (even though I love what I'm seeing when other people play it.) I'm also highly tempted to grab Zone of the Enders HD collection just for the Rising demo attached, but I think I'll wait that one out. Which game demos or even level samples/chapters have you downloaded or tried this year? Have you tried games out at game shows, and if so, has that altered your anticipation level for certain games?
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