Journey is officially the fastest-selling PSN game ever

1:28 pm - 03/29/2012

Love it or hate it, thatgamecompany's enthralling Journey is an undeniable success. That's a claim backed by facts, with news that the title has become the fastest selling PlayStation Network title of all time. Yes, it's doing better than even Blade Kitten!

thatgamecompany's Jenova Chen has also announced that the soundtrack will be available on PSN and iTunes from April 10, and a limited CD run will also be printed.

It always cheers the heart to see a game like Journey enjoy such success. Even if you disliked the game, you ought to be pleased to see something so unique performing so well, shaming those in the industry who think you have to be like everybody else in order to make some money. Luckily, I loved the game to boot, so I'm double pleased.

uluviel 29th-Mar-2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
It's a download only game (no physical disc sold). You need to make sure your PS3 is connected to the internet, then get a playstation network (PSN) account. You can sign up via the PS3's menu. Once you're logged in to the PSN, you can access the store. You can buy the game there for $15 (credit card or you can also purchase pre-paid cards in most electronics stores like Best Buy).
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